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About The Project

Mystical Family

Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of the Mystical Muses NFT collection. These 7,777 supernatural badass women unlock access to amazing events and help the planet with every NFT sold. Mystical Muses are all about healing people and the planet.

The Mystical Muses bring the wild divine feminine to the NFT space. Our Muses help you channel the energy of transformation and power through our art, events, and mission. Additionally, every NFT sold removes .2 tons of carbon from our atmosphere with Nori, a carbon removal marketplace.

The Muses are a 7,777 unique computer-generated, all women collection comprised of 150 attributes. They are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Muse is infused with the divine feminine, as unique and rare as our holders. We are minting now at the price of 0.07 ETH per NFT.

Perks of Membership

Online Events for holders:

• Online comedy events

• Free Admission to in-person weekly comedy club shows in NYC

• Group Reiki Energy Healings

• Tarot Readings

• Psychic Readers

Mystical Lore

On the lush planet Gherovana radiance and peace reigned under the rule of Mystical Muses. Now, as part of their plan to bring divine intervention to our mundane lives, the muses have come to Earth bringing grace, might, and benevolence!

In coming to our planet, the Gherovanians fused with common folk of Earth generating beautiful, bizarre and sometimes just slightly odd mystical beings. Now the new Muses flourish on Earth as totally non-fungible entities. Here they share their wisdom, healing sorcery, the intricate art of laughter and reiki sound baths bringing positive energy to Earth.




Each Mystical Muse provides exclusive access to: comedy shows, reiki sound baths, tarot readings, and free admission to live comedy clubs in NYC and more. (20 percent of collection sold)



Holders of Mystical Muses also receive: Bi-annual in real life meetups with the creators. These will be fun, whimsical, wild celebrations within major cities.


LABRADORITE (at Sellout)

The mystical muses plan to build their own home in the metaverse through the Muses Comedy Club and Healing Center. We'll build a comedy club for stand up, improv, and a location for group healing and meditations sound baths, healing, and one on one sessions.



The muses dream of making it on the small screen, and are manifesting an animated series where they can share their story of healing people and the planet.



Long-term, the Muses plan to partner with a sustainable luxury brand in order to merge muses designs with fashion in a way that supports our planet and sources materials ethically. The muses also plan to create a meditate-to-earn game.

Meet The Muses

Jessica Brodkin

Jessica Brodkin is the co-founder and creative director of the Mystical Muses NFT project. She is a MIT and Johns Hopkins graduate who worked at the CIA for eleven years before becoming a stand up comedian and reiki healer in NYC. Her work has been featured in the NYPost, CNBC, SiriusXM, AMC, and TruTV.

Ryan Dacalos

Ryan Dacalos is the Filipino-American co-founder and creative director of the Mystical Muses NFT project. Ryan has been an animator, art director, and developer for many Fortune 500 companies. Ryan is a stand up comedian and one of the biggest producers in the NYC comedy scene. He produces weekly shows at the at New York Comedy Club and Comic Strip Live.


Zabella has been a marketing expert with more than 8 years of experience. She clearly sees a puzzle that needs to be put together for this GREAT project. She safely says that she can take care of this puzzle and properly complete it to deliver a solid result for you to enjoy. Join us for this amazing journey!

GDS 3D Club

Woman Artist A*** and developers


What is NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is a unique digital piece of data that holds values varying from digital to physical and comes in any digital form. The form of our NFT is outworldly Mystical Muses. You can buy them. You can sell them. You can trade them. But you can never find another NFT identical to your unique Muse.

What is minting?

When our Mystical Muses come to life and enter the Ethereum blockchain, that’s what minting will be. Basically, it is the process of launching an NFT and making it available to the public. And you can buy our NFTs, trade them on the market and follow us for future mints.

Where can I get a Muse?

Mystical Muses will arrive on our website where you can mint them. The drop will come soon, so follow Mystical Family updates on our Discord channel to catch a muse!

Why Mystical Muses?

With our gorgeous celestials and ghouls you don’t simply get a unique digital art! Each Mystical Muse NFT can get you unique artwork, exclusive access to weekly live events such as comedy shows, reiki healing sessions, tarot readings, free admission to comedy clubs in NYC and more!

Do you have anymore other questions?

If you have anymore other inquiries about our project just out check our Discord channel.

Mystical Muses NFT